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Each Turkey is butterflied (spatchcocked) to allow for easily seasoning of the bird and also insures that the bird is throughly cooked with the breast staying juicy.  Just 20 minutes at 200 degrees and you're ready to serve.


10 lbs of the best jerk chicken ever!


20 lbs of the best jerk chicken ever!


Its boneless skinless, its jerked smoked and grilled.  You can see the smoke ring while eating.  Chopped up for you


Our beef brisket is slow cooked with seasoned hard woods along with our Texas inspired dry rub.


its seasoned just right for a traditional taste


What happens when you combine coconut milk thyme all spice and other Caribbean spice and herbs while cooking rice.


Would your guests or friends enjoy a box lunch filled with a protein like jerkwings, boneless breast, leg quarters or jerksalmon and sides like coconut rice sautéed kale or roasted Brussels Sprouts.  Let us know.


Imagine taking a super food that’s great raw, chopping it up fine and then adding it to emulsified garlic and onion with a small amount of herbal seasoning and sautéing it until it’s brite and crunchy